Raised garden beds

Grow your own veggies!

Grow your own vegetables & make a difference….

Australia is the worst CO2 emitters per capita on the planet so what is more expensive? The cost of change to growing your own or the cost to the planet for not changing?

For store bought produce one shopping basket travels 70000km that’s around Australia three times or around the planet twice & road transport alone is 22000km!!

To show you how easy it is to grow your own veggies with Birdies products we set up the 4 shapes that can be configured from the one 4 in 1 original raised garden bed kit and then tracked our vegetable garden’s progress over the coming weeks!

The real costs of buying “fresh” produce :

  • Fertilizer prices
  • Fuel prices (transport)
  • Pesticide consumption
  • Habitat loss
  • High CO2 levels
  • Water shortages
  • Vitamin and nutrient loss

Week 1:

To make watering easy we set up the beds with an irrigation system and a top layer of sugar cane mulch.

 Week 2:

Planting was next, it’s best to chose seedlings that are in season and plant them out in rows.

Week 4:

After just a few weeks of growth we were already picking!


Week 6:

It was time to start harvesting some of our crop!


Week 8:

All our remaining veggies were fully grown and ready to harvest. It’s that easy!!



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