Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ground have to be level for my raised garden bed?

The original and shapes range do not, however for these and other ranges a 50mm layer of hardwood chip or stone/gravel works best as this allows superior drainage and will also protect the bottom edge of the bed.

Designer bed corners

These are made from solid Aluminium and the design allows for a bed that will not detach unlike PVC plastic corners.

We guarantee the designer corners will not fail under normal load conditions, in fact this, as all of our products have gone through rigorous testing and this quality ensures durability and longevity under all environmental conditions.

What can I put in the beds?

Only use a complete organic soil from a landscape supplier or the no-dig method, which involves layering hays/straws with manures and composts.

In our 740mm high beds we recommend the bottom 400mm is filled with clean sand, general garden wastes or hardwood timber (see hugelkultur method), we have even placed them on tree stumps. Our 370mm beds are a perfect depth for veggies so fill the entire space up.

Are your garden beds strong?

Yes. Our raised garden beds use stainless steel fasteners; this ensures the integrity of the unit. Birdies beds have a rolled steel edge with a clip on safety strip. The steel is a thick gauge Australian made Aluzinc/Zincalume containing Zinc, Magnesium and Aluminium.

This quality ensures durability and longevity under all environmental conditions.

What’s the easiest method to order?

Order through Epic Gardening Birdies Raised Metal Garden Beds – Epic Gardening

Can you deliver to my door interstate?

Epic Gardening delivers to your door.

Can your beds be placed on a slope?

Yes, a slight slope is fine and we recommend placing the bed long ways down the slope, if placing across the slope place star pickets against the inside of the bed and bolt to the bed or place against the outside, 1m apart will be required.

What about placing on the lawn?

Yes, place a thick layer of cardboard down first to smother.

Can you put your beds on Concrete/Paving?

Yes, we recommend using a geo-textile fabric.

To use, place your bed into position, place the fabric on the inside bottom of the garden bed with excess fabric going up each side, and fill with soil.

The fabric allows the water to drain freely but keeps the soil in place.

Optional: Builders plastic can be laid down before placing your bed into position. Trim the excess plastic with a Stanley knife once filled. The plastic will protect the surface.

Please note: if using plastic, the geotextile fabric must still be used as above.

What colours…

Mist Green/Pale Eucalypt
Slate Grey/Woodland Grey

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